About us

Melbeck Designs is a second-generation company, derived from The Rustic Shovel in North Texas, which specialized in residential and commercial construction and landscaping architecture. The owner, Tim Beck, is an expert in the field with a vast knowledge of materials and design, efficient project management skills and 40 years of experience.

Previously Tim aided in the major success of two landscaping companies in achieving great levels of growth, then built his own North Texas company from scratch and several years later merged, debt free. After meeting his wife, moving to San Antonio and spending a year researching and learning about the trade in this new territory, Tim found that the industry was lacking an appropriate level of personal attention for the budget-conscious and decided to fill that gap.

A month before the Coronavirus shut down the world, Tim and his wife started Melbeck Designs. They were unstoppable – hardworking and customer service oriented, focusing their efforts on the residential clients that were renovating their outdoor space while being forced to stay at home. As Tim is passionate about the landscaping world, he is also dedicated and determined to reach a wider audience – fostering existing relationships and making new contacts regularly. Melbeck Designs became very busy with both residential and commercial landscape installation projects.

Their main goal is to fulfill their IMPACT declaration: professionally going above and beyond all expectations and basic needs to increase the property appeal using high quality materials and supplies in conformance with applicable codes and standards – whether it is during a standard maintenance visit or installation on a larger scale. They pride themselves in being innovative and thorough, finding it important to focus on the minor details that may usually get overlooked. In addition, Melbeck Designs offers month-to-month maintenance agreements so they have to continue to prove their worth; up to this point, they have not received any termination notices. Their customers remain pleased; they continue to receive praise for going above and beyond, which highlights their objective in positively impacting every community through personal relationships.

Melbeck Designs is proud to have a team of highly skilled and loyal field workers along with talented and committed specialists and office professionals who are passionate about what they do. Tim is a visionary leader with a proven track record of success in the landscape industry. Kenny is an expert in production and finance, Zach is a seasoned sales professional without limitation and Dante is a creative force to be reckoned with; all of whom have a passion for seeing Melbeck Designs grow nationwide.

Although their mission is to create elegant outdoor living spaces while increasing the property value of multifamily, commercial, and residential clients throughout Texas, Melbeck Designs has expanded quickly because of their immediate impact with their clients, attention to detail, and the team’s ability to build and maintain high level professional relationships.

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